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bali handicrafts wholesaler, sandals , bags, statue
  · Abstract Statue
  · Air Brush
  · Albesia Wood Furniture
  · Animal Food Place
  · Animal Statue
  · Antique Horse
  · Antique Root Furniture
  · Astray
  · Bali Chess
  · Bali Door/window
  · Bali Jewelry
  · Bali Mirror/frame
  · Bali Paintings
  · Bali Sandals
  · Balinese Bag
  · Bamboo Crafts
  · Bamboo Root Crafts
  · Bamboo Root Mask
  · Bird House
  · Book End
  · Buddha Frame
  · Budha Antique
  · Budha Resin
  · Candle
  · Candle Holder
  · Cat Statue
  · Cd Placed
  · Ceramic Crafts
  · Coconut Furniture
  · Coconut Shell Craft
  · Coconut Wood
  · Dreamcatcher
  · Dried Flower
  · Fish Chime
  · Garment
  · Gecko
  · Giraffe
  · Glass Ceramics
  · Hangers
  · Home Decoration
  · Incense
  · Indian Crafts
  · Instrument
  · Iron Arts
  · Jewelry Box
  · Jewelry Display
  · Keychine
  · Lamp Shade
  · Lombok Basket
  · Mask
  · Miniature
  · Mobile
  · Paintings On Wood
  · Palm Vase
  · Paper Arts
  · Pencil
  · Photo Album/frame
  · Placemats
  · Primitive
  · Pupet Antique
  · Puzzles
  · Rack Antique
  · Rattan Furniture
  · Relief
  · Sailing Miniature
  · Sea Wood Arts
  · Shell Crafts
  · Skeleton
  · Small Craft
  · Stone Crafts
  · Suar Wood Statue
  · Tanimar
  · Teak Furniture
  · Tiki Arts
  · Tissue Holder
  · Tray
  · Wall Decoration
  · Water Fountain
  · Water Hyacinth Crafts
  · Wind Chime
  · Wood Decoration
  · Wooden Bird
  · Wooden Calendar
  · Wooden Fish
  · Wooden Vase
New Bali Handicraft
New Bali Handicraft
 13 Sep 2015
  · Antique Furniture
  · Coconut Shell Bag
  · Wood Photo Frame
  · Colored Wood Calendar
 5 May 2016
  · Christmas Items
 27 May 2016
  · Dreamcatcher New Model
  · Keychine
  · Guitar Miniature
  · Car Wood Miniature
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Special Duck Carving
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Greeting from Bali Handicrafts

We are Bali Handicraft Wholesaler & Buying Agent of Balinese or Indonesian products like Wooden Statue, Bali Mask, Wood Carving, Lombok, and Java Handicrafts. We guarantee low price...

Welcome to bali handicraft wholesale website, the source of Bali handicraft where you are able to find various type of handicraft such as Bali Wood carving, Air brush key chain, Wooden statue, Abstacts statue, Bali natural Book, Bali leaf album, Mosaic mirror, Wooden mask, Wooden flower, Lombok handicrafts, Bali bag, Bali sandals, Bali Instrument, Lombok pottery, Bali Painting, and many more...

More of bali products handicrafts

More of bali products handicrafts

We ship fast and honest. Our customers received only products they love. It's too often happen, customer places his/her order, and what they receive in the container is a far cry from what they thought they were getting.This such a horror story will not happen to you if you do business with us.

The best way to convinced you to place an order is to meet us personally. That's why we invite you to come to Bali. If you can't come to Bali only to meet us, why don't you put Bali as your next holiday destination. Bali is one of the best holiday/travel destination in the world. We have so much to offer here, If you come to Bali, we will visit you at your hotel or if you have plenty of time we willl take you around.

We hold that we are not the best, but we would try our best to give you best products, best service at best prices, this is our duty and have close business. We sincerely hope to have business cooperation and business dealing with the importers, wholesalers and distributors from all over the world and have close relationship with regular business works together.

Finally, have a nice surfing on our site and please don't hesitate to contact our company for any further assistance.

Bali handicrafts updated news: we update our bali products regularly. Below is our last update products

Bali cats, frog and duck animal, Bali candle, Ceramic Gifts (astray, oil burner, etc), Gecko, Bali dried flower, Bali Mask

22 Oct 07 we added and updated our bali products: Bali Jewelry (Accessories Necklaces, Bracelets)

30 Oct 07 we added beautiful Bali Lamp Shade 8 Nov 07 added Bali Lamp decoration, Bali Mask, Bali wood carving, Bali wooden fish • 9 Nov update Bali Paintings ( Abstract paintings, Flower paintings, Decoratif paintings, Buddha painting)

04 Dec 07 we added and update beautiful Bali Buddha Antique, New Style Bali Mask

21 Feb 08 added beautiful Bali Bags, Primitive Items, Bali Lamp Shade, Instrument, Bamboo Windchame, Antique Animal statue, Bali Cat, Giraffe, Bali Sandals

19 Dec 08 added Animal Statue, Bali Cat Statue, Bali Lamp Shade, Instrument, Bamboo Windchame, Antique Animal statue

12 Dec 13 added Animal Statue, Bamboo Crafts, Bali Mirror Frame, Home Decoration, Iron Arts, Jewelry Display, Sea Wood Arts

....more news of update Bali Handicrafts here...

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