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bali handicrafts wholesaler, sandals , bags, statue
  · Abstract Statue
  · Air Brush
  · Albesia Wood Furniture
  · Animal Food Place
  · Animal Statue
  · Antique Horse
  · Antique Root Furniture
  · Astray
  · Bali Chess
  · Bali Door/window
  · Bali Jewelry
  · Bali Mirror/frame
  · Bali Paintings
  · Bali Sandals
  · Balinese Bag
  · Bamboo Crafts
  · Bamboo Root Crafts
  · Bamboo Root Mask
  · Bird House
  · Book End
  · Buddha Frame
  · Budha Antique
  · Budha Resin
  · Candle
  · Candle Holder
  · Cat Statue
  · Cd Placed
  · Ceramic Crafts
  · Coconut Furniture
  · Coconut Shell Craft
  · Coconut Wood
  · Dreamcatcher
  · Dried Flower
  · Fish Chime
  · Garment
  · Gecko
  · Giraffe
  · Glass Ceramics
  · Hangers
  · Home Decoration
  · Incense
  · Indian Crafts
  · Instrument
  · Iron Arts
  · Jewelry Box
  · Jewelry Display
  · Keychine
  · Lamp Shade
  · Lombok Basket
  · Mask
  · Miniature
  · Mobile
  · Paintings On Wood
  · Palm Vase
  · Paper Arts
  · Pencil
  · Photo Album/frame
  · Placemats
  · Primitive
  · Pupet Antique
  · Puzzles
  · Rack Antique
  · Rattan Furniture
  · Relief
  · Sailing Miniature
  · Sea Wood Arts
  · Shell Crafts
  · Skeleton
  · Small Craft
  · Stone Crafts
  · Suar Wood Statue
  · Tanimar
  · Teak Furniture
  · Tiki Arts
  · Tissue Holder
  · Tray
  · Wall Decoration
  · Water Fountain
  · Water Hyacinth Crafts
  · Wind Chime
  · Wood Decoration
  · Wooden Bird
  · Wooden Calendar
  · Wooden Fish
  · Wooden Vase
New Bali Handicraft
New Bali Handicraft
 13 Sep 2015
  · Antique Furniture
  · Coconut Shell Bag
  · Wood Photo Frame
  · Colored Wood Calendar
 5 May 2016
  · Christmas Items
 27 May 2016
  · Dreamcatcher New Model
  · Keychine
  · Guitar Miniature
  · Car Wood Miniature
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bali statue, bali wood carving
Special Duck Carving
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We are
Bali handicrafts buying agent and online trading, with the small management we are able to handle big thing, because we are professional, knowledge of handicrafts more than 6 years and supported by knowledge of information and technology.

We do wholesaler of Bali handicrafts as shown in our online catalog. We guarantee our product is lowest price, because we are direct buy from the craftsman that have experience Balinese crafts.

If you are interested, also we can accommodate your orders for items not shown in our catalog, If you'd like us to act as your buying agents here, we can probably get better prices and quality than you have been able to find by yourself. In any case, we'll be happy to arrange shipments from manufacturers you already using.

Our customer very happy doing business with us because we are honest, our service and price are good, Click Here to view our customer comment. If you came to Bali for business of Bali handicrafts, we can arrange transport, pre book accommodation and organize just about anything you need to see that you get to concentrate on the most important thing

One of the main woods used in Bali Handicrafts is Raintree wood, in Bali known as Suar wood. Suar wood is easily replaceable which makes it the favoured wood for craftsman. We also have handcrafted items made from Albesia wood.

Suar wood and Albesia wood
material to make statue
Bli Komang carving wooden statue
Ibu Ketut on finishing of wooden bird statue
Kadek polishing mask budha
Komang polishing gecko for wall decoration
Ibu Made finishing elephant statue




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